I moved to Worcestershire in 2006 and started working in glass at Stanton Guildhouse. I have since moved to Somerset where I now have my own studio with kiln.

My thoughts were to create objects to enhance my garden's appeal in winter. I think of the pieces as two dimentional sculptures.

I was encouraged with sales and commissions, and a natural progression with my work was to intergrate slumped glass within leaded pannels. This allowed me to make larger works.

The pieces started as humanoid forms and are currently animals and insects.

Please look through the galleries, if you are intrested in buying or commissioning a work please send a message via the contact page on this site.

Items marked NFS are Not For sale.

This year 2022 you can see my work at the Ilminster Art Centre shop and Quontock arts and framing, Monkton nr Taunton